BMW Motorrad Tire & Wheel Protection.

Program reference guide.

Stay protected when the expected happens with BMW Tire and Wheel Protection available at Northern California BMW Motorycle Dealers. Ask a member of our sales staff about this program and the protections it provides. Interested in buying a new BMW motorcycle in the Northern California and Central California area? Test ride a bike today and visit your nearest Northern California BMW Motorcycles dealership for information on financing and other programs such as gap coverage and 3asy Ride Payment.

Tire & Wheel Proteciton coverage includes:

  • Replacement of the tire if structurally damaged due to a covered road hazard including glass, metal, potholes, debris, nails, etc. (includes tires with run-flat technology). Tires are never plugged or patched.
  • Replacement of wheels if covered road hazard damage prevents the wheel from sealing to the tire.
  • Coverage of costs associated with the replacement of the tires and/or wheels, plus labor charges including mounting, balancing, valve stems, tire disposal and taxes.
  • Towing expenses reimbursed up to $150 in the event of covered road hazard damage.

Important coverage information:

  • Available on new and used BMW motorcycles. Your tires and wheels will be replaced using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or OEM-approved parts.
  • Your coverage is not restricted by motorcycle mileage and will continue even if you replace your tires.

If damage occurs:

  • Services may be completed at any BMW Dealer in the United States or Canada.
  • Replacement parts will be covered for the remainder of the contract term.

Customer benefits:

  • Tires damaged by a covered road hazard will be replaced, not plugged or patched.
  • Wheels damaged by a covered road hazard to the extent it fails to seal with the tire, will be replaced, not repaired.
  • There are no maximum number of occurrences, no claim limits and no claim aggregates.
  • Benefits are not restricted by motorcycle mileage.
  • Up to $150 of towing expenses are covered if a road hazard incident occurs.
  • Transferable for a $40 fee — may add to resale value
  • Trip interruption benefit of up to $500 if a covered road hazard incident occurs more than 100 miles away from your residence. Covered expenses include lodging, meals and transportation.

Coverage exclusions apply 2.

  • Damage to tires with 2/32″ or less tread depth at the lowest point on the tire at the time of damage.
  • Cosmetic damage to wheels or tires.
  • Damage caused by vandalism, theft, or driving with low or no air pressure.
  • Damage caused by road conditions (such as uneven lanes or metal plates found in construction zones or construction sites).
  • Repairs made without prior authorization.
  • Failures from normal wear and tear, improper wear, or dry rot.

1 Replacement tires must meet motorcycle manufacturer’s specifications. 2 Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your Agreement for specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.