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2021 BMW F 850 GS – Time to Explore

You’re about to mount your motorcycle, visions of finding new adventures off the broken trail dancing in your head when you realize your old bike isn’t cut out for that sort of thing. What should you do? Get yourself into BMW Motorcycles Dealers of Northern California and check out the 2021 BMW F 850 GS because it’s time to explore. If you’re located in Northern California and need to find your local BMW Motorcycle dealer, our BMW Motorcycle dealers in California have served customers in Livermore, Roseville, and Modesto, CA. You can find the 2021 BMW F 850 GS for sale at your local BMW Motorcycle dealership and check out the fantastic new BMW Motorcycle offers.


2021 BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

2021 BMW F 850 GS Styling & Interior Features

If you have ever wondered why to buy a new BMW motorcycle, the new BMW Motorcycle adventure lineup is sure to convince you. The 2021 BMW F 850 GS is a mid-sized offering, making the bike easy to maneuver, slim between the legs for comfort, and a punchy and efficient engine. The styling looks tough and ready to explore with ample ground clearance to get over obstacles on the trail, a tall front fender that gives the front wheel room to move, and minimal fairings to worry about scratching. The base color is BMW’s eye-grabbing Race Red, but you can also choose from a Racing Blue that mimics BMW’s racing machines, or the Edition 40 Years GS option with its unique black and yellow color scheme. A full LED headlight illuminates the road ahead, and the standard LED indicator lights to help other motorists see you better. BMW offers multiple seat options to accommodate different sized riders, with seat heights ranging from 32.1-inches up to 35-inches. Additional comfort is provided by an adjustable windscreen, which can be moved to offer the right amount of wind protection. BMW even offers some impressive technology like the standard 6.5-inch TFT color display that shows you vital info like speed, revs, and the current gear, but can connect to your smartphone for access to navigation, phone, and media, plus there is a handy USB charging port to keep your device topped off.

2021 BMW F 850 GS Specs

The F 850 GS is provided by a compact two-cylinder engine that displaces 853 cubic centimeters and produces 90 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 63 lb-ft of torque at 6,250 rpm. Being a multipurpose machine, BMW includes ride modes that customize the throttle and brake response to suit different conditions. Road and Rain modes are ideal for everyday road riding, whether dry or wet, while the Dynamic way caters to enthusiastic road riding and Enduro mode helps you tackle gravel trails.

Shop BMW Motorrad F 850 GS For Sale Near Northern California

2020 BMW Motorrad F 850 GS

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There comes a point in our lives when we must confront our limits to overcome them, especially on adventures when a man is left to fend for himself against the elements, accompanied only by a single machine he can trust. And when that machine happens to be the 2020 BMW F 850 GS, then you’re in good hands. Engineered to take on even the most unpredictable of environments, this adventure bike is more than ready to get you through rough roads, towering heights, and plunging valleys. Exploration of two wheels never looked – and felt – this good. The best deals on the 2020 BMW F 850 GS for sale in Northern California are waiting for you. Let BMW Motorcycle Dealers of Northern California give you a head start on the ideal adventure machine, with a complete inventory is well-stocked with options and accessories. Take the handlebars and bring one of our bikes out for a test drive. Whichever among our dealers in San Jose, Chico, and Mountain View, you’re sure to get the same level of quality service that our network has come to be known for, so schedule your next appointment with us today.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Styling & Interior Features

Other bikes are only noticeable when they get down and dirty; the F 850 GS turns heads even before the journey begins. The prominent fairing comes in a selection of Light White, Racing Red, or Pollux Metallic Matte, headlined by an asymmetrical headlight assembly bordered by Y-shaped LED running lights located right below the high windshield. Beyond the saddle lies the standard stainless steel exhaust or the available Arakpovič slip-on Sport Exhaust that provides more pull while saving on weight and delivering a glorious-sounding engine note. A selection of seat heights from 32.1 to 35 inches guarantees an exceptional ride for everyone. Use the onboard computer to monitor essential bike data through the analog tachometer and digital speedometer, while the optional 6.5-inch multi-information TFT display available with the Select Package displays communications, entertainment, and navigation when partnered with your smartphone. A pair of aluminum cross-spoke wheels mounted on tubeless tires completes the adventure-ready stance.

Select 2020 BMW F 850 GS

  • Standard ASC and Ride Modes
  • Aluminum cross-spoke wheels with tubeless tires
  • Gear Shift Assist Pro
  • Connectivity with TFT Display & Multi-Controller
  • Chassis and suspension

2020 BMW F 850 GS Specs

The 2020 BMW F 850 GS kicks up the dirt on its rear wheel with a liquid-cooled 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine that makes 90 hp and 63 lb-ft of torque, aided by electronic fuel injection that strikes a balance between power and efficiency. Power is transferred to the rear shaft via a 6-speed transmission with a multi-plate wet clutch, while the engine’s high mounting position within the tubular steel space frame protects it from bumps and scrapes. Exercise complete mastery of the journey ahead with standard Rain and Road modes or the available Ride Modes Pro, all with the comfort brought about by the front upside-down telescopic fork and rear cast aluminum two-sided swing arm suspension. Let the 2020 BMW F 850 GS inspire confidence whatever journey you embark on, available at BMW Motorcycle Dealers of Northern California.


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